The following is an edited transcript of my video Practicing What We Preach.

Here at Erik M. Pelton & Associates, we really believe in practicing what we preach. As a small business law firm, we have taken our own advice and we have more than a dozen trademark registrations in our name (17 registrations as of fall 2022). One of our recent registrations is for Trademarkive®, the name of our online collection featuring some of our most valuable content on key trademark topics.
We also have several pending trademark applications! It’s important to file a trademark application as soon as you come up with a brand name and plan to launch a product or service. This is called an “intent to use application.” For example, as soon as we plan a new series of videos with a creative title like Brands on the Run or Trademark Briefs, we search and make sure the name is available—just like we advise our clients—and then begin the process to start applying to register with the USPTO.
Why it’s important to start early:
  • You start getting protection early
  • The process is quite lengthy. It’s always better to start, get your place in line, and get your filing date because that filing date grants you some important rights.

We love working with our clients’ brands and helping protect their brands, and we love branding and trademarks so much that we are always working on our brand and making it clean and consistent, to have the type of brand that we recommend our clients have and to take steps to use it properly and register it.

This is because we love what we do and we think it’s important to practice what you preach. And because we are a small business, we recognize how important our brand is to our success and growth, and how valuable it is to protect it.

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