Here is another update of recent client registrations from the public records for readers to see real examples of brands and marks which are being protected [click trademark or logo to open USPTO records in a new window]:

  • DRAGON PRINT – Computer software, namely, software for printing and for managing files and printing devices
  • Mark Image– rubber band for connecting furniture
  • STELLAR STRANDS – Hair care products, namely, hair care preparations, conditioners
  • THE GRAPHENE COUNCIL – Educational services, namely, conducting classes, workshops, seminars and conferences in the fields of science and physics relating to the substance graphene; interactive educational and entertainment services, namely, a web-based virtual educational theme-park featuring the subjects of science and physics relating to the substance graphene; providing on-line non-downloadable scientific publications in the nature of magazines in the fields of science and physics regarding the substance graphene; the foregoing provided via an online website
  • THE PROSPERITY PROFESSOR – Providing a website featuring information in the field of personal growth; consulting in the field of personal growth featuring self improvement, law of attraction, and spirituality
  • MAKING FRIENDS IS OUR BUSINESS! – Mobile restaurant services; food truck services, namely, providing of food and drink via a mobile truck
  • Mark Image-Restaurant and take-out restaurant services at ski resorts and pedestrian-accessible locations
  • Mark Image– Clothing, namely, jeans, skirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and hats
  • WorldSource – Medical billing; Medical billing outsourcing services; Medical billing support services; Medical claims management services, namely, electronic re-pricing of physician, hospital, and ancillary medical care provider transactions via the global information network; Medical claims management services, namely, receiving, data entering, and re-pricing of transactions that are originated by physicians, hospitals, and ancillary medical care providers; Computer programming and software design; Computer services, namely, computer system administration for others; Computer services, namely, remote management of the information technology (IT) systems of others; Computer software consulting; Computer software design; Computer software development and computer programming development for others; Computer technical support services, namely, 24/7 service desk or help desk services for IT infrastructure, operating systems, database systems, and web applications; Consulting services in the design and implementation of computer-based information systems for businesses; Design, development, installation and maintenance of computer software; IT consulting services; Technical support services, namely, 24/7 monitoring of network systems, servers and web and database applications and notification of related events and alerts
  • FULL OF LIFE –  Online retail store and mail order catalog services featuring massage apparatus, abdominal and back supports, health aids, therapeutic items, gift items, hobby items, and fitness items; all of the foregoing excluding non-prescription nutritional supplements, aromatherapy products, beauty products, and body care products

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