Here is another sampling of some recent registrations our clients have received from the USPTO, so readers can see real examples of brands and marks which are being protected. (These are all public records – click on trademark name or logo to view USPTO records.)

Note that 2 of the registrations took more than 4 years to obtain!  Our flat fee covered the entire process, regardless of how long it took and how many rounds of correspondence with the USPTO were needed.

  • THE AGENT MAGNET – for “educational services, namely, workshops, seminars, video tutorials, in the field of real estate investment, and instruction manual distributed therewith”
  • PAY SMART. SAVE MONEY – for “bill payment services, namely, automated consumer loan payments”
  • VOXY – for “Arranging and conducting contests and award programs in the field of popular culture events, sporting events, television, fashion and entertainment”
  • Premium USB – for “universal serial bus hardware”
  • J. DANIEL W. – for “Printed motivational cards and note cards containing religious messages; printed informational cards in the field of religion”
  • MOVIE COLLECTOR – for “computer software for cataloging movies and DVDs and creating a searchable database with that information; downloadable computer software for cataloging movies and DVDs and creating a searchable database with that information”
  • GAME COLLECTOR CONNECT – for “Providing a web site featuring temporary use of non-downloadable software allowing web site users to upload post and display information about games for sharing with others for entertainment purposes”
  • New York Theatre Church – for “Religious services, namely, providing members with divine worship services”
  • MR. CRÊPE – for “restaurant services”
  • – for “Providing a live forum for companies to showcase, display, demonstrate and promote new and innovative ideas, products and services in the construction industry; online business directories featuring service providers in the construction industry; providing an on-line searchable database featuring employment opportunities in the construction and building industry; providing a website featuring product and company ratings and reviews of the consumers services of others in the field of construction and building; estimating contracting work; providing a web site for promoting the goods and services of others by providing hypertext links to the websites of others; Providing online directory information services in the fields of home improvement, home maintenance and home repair; operating online marketplaces for buyers and sellers of home improvement, home maintenance and home repair services, as well as commercial informational content related to such goods and services”
  • Oliv – for “Salad sauces” (Note: registration took 4 1/2 years to obtain!)
  • – for “Beauty services, namely, skin care salons, hair cutting and styling, and manicuring services” (Note: registration took 4 1/2 years to obtain!)
  • BLACKROCK – for “Metal tent poles and stakes; Eyewear, namely, sunglasses, sports glasses and protective eyewear ; All purpose sporting bags, backpacks, day packs, internal and external frame packs ; Sleeping bags; Tents and tent accessories”
  • – for “Religious products, namely, greeting cards, posters”

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