Creative marks abound. While it can be challenging to come up with a creative brand name or slogan, it is worth it when they stand out.

Below are some recent puns and plays on words registered at the USPTO (click marks for USPTO records). Of course, puns are just one type of creative naming, others include coining new words, portmanteaus, and alliteration.

  • THINK INSIDE THE BOX – Entertainment in the nature of lacrosse games; Providing a website featuring information relating to the sport of lacrosse; Providing news and information in the field of lacrosse
  • Trademark image – garbage collection; rental of recycling containers
  • BOYS IN THE GOOD – Education services, namely, providing mentoring, counseling, tutoring, classes, seminars and workshops in the field of academic and social development for male youths
  • THE BEST POT ON THE BEACH – restaurant services (see image below)
  • NOWHERE TO GO? KNOW WHERE TO GO! – Providing an Internet website portal in the field of entertainment, cultural and sporting events
  • A BERING SEA OF POSSIBILITIES – mining extraction of gold
  • THINK INSIDE THE CAN – Novelty gift items, namely, empty cans made of cardboard
  • PAW & ORDER – Dog training


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