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Office Action Boot Camp (link here): If you’ve ever cursed under your breath at receiving a likelihood of confusion or merely descriptive refusal, I’m here to help. Perhaps you’re brand new to filing trademarks and even the procedural ones (disclaimer, specimen, mark description, identification of goods/services, etc.) are causing you stress. After all, no one ever teaches you how to properly research and draft an Office Action Response do they? Most of the time, you stitch together something, cross your fingers, and hope for the best…because why would any trademark attorney teach you the tricks of the trade? But thanks to my Office Action Boot Camp, you’ll get all the instruction, tutorial, and even a workbook of over 1500 pages of all the sample responses you’ll ever need to draft winning arguments to reverse the USPTO’s refusals. You can even purchase the workbook separately.

TTABulous (link here): There are few things worse than receiving an email that a Notice of Opposition was filed against your client’s trademark application. You waited patiently for 3-4 months for the Examiner’s review, resolved the Office Actions, and all that was (supposed to be!) left was the 30-day publication period…then boom. Everything is stalled. Or maybe your client is the one who notices an application that is likely to cause confusion. Would you know what to do? What are the next steps after the initial filings? How do you handle discovery? If you’ve never dealt with TTAB proceedings before or simply want to ensure you learn these filings correctly, TTABulous is just for you.

Cease and Desist Letters (link here): The newest addition coming up live on Dec. 13! We’ve had a huge demand for this class and we finally made it happen. Most of us can file an application, deal with Office Actions, and get the mark to registration. But what happens when there is an infringer afterward? Or even before? Even if you aren’t a litigator, we should all be equipped with the skill set to send and respond to a trademark infringement cease and desist letter.

SEARCHcademy (link here): If you’ve found yourself struggling with the search process and asking for answers to any of these questions, then…you’re in the right place! This SEARCHcademy class is how…you guessed it…you’ll learn the RIGHT way to conduct clearance searches, even without a report.

CAN We Talk About CANnabis? (link here): Yes we can, and we need to. Cannabis has taken the trademark community by storm because well…none of us know what is going on. It’s legal in some states but still illegal federally…so how do we handle clients who want to get into this industry and protect their marks.

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