Several trademarks featuring “2017” have already been filed with the USPTO. In fact, a few are already registered.

These are already registered

  • Mark Image for Promoting tourism in Hopkinsville, Kentucky area
  • Mark Imagefor Educational services, namely, conducting seminars in the field of continuing education and distribution of educational materials in connection therewith; Educational services, namely, providing courses of instruction at the community college level and distribution of course material in connection therewith
  • TEMPS TURNOVER – 2017 – registered since 2014 for Financial services in the nature of an investment security

Here are some great logos for events or commemorations in 2017 featured in pending trademark applications. The NYC Pizza Festival looks delicious!

  • Mark Image
  • Mark Image
  • Mark Image (NBA All-Star Game logo) Interestingly, the NBA previously filed Charlotte 2017 All-Star logos, but the game has been moved.
  • Mark Image
  • Mark Image
  • Mark Image


2017 will be a big year for trademarks, with a Supreme Court hearing and, presumably, opinion. And lots more commerce reflected in lots more trademark filings.

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