sofTMware is a free tool for tracking USPTO trademark applications and registrations. It was built from scratch by our firm for use by anyone – via a secure cloud server –  and uses the data published by the USPTO via its recently developed TSDR (Trademark Status & Document Retrieval) API.

Users can track their own trademark applications. They can monitor ones that might be under consideration for opposition. Or monitor the marks of competitors — and see when they file evidence of use and what that evidence looks like. Or just monitor trademark applications that might be interesting. sofTMware can also serve as a docketing backup.

Every morning, the sofTMware software sends out an update of any status changes at the USPTO in the last day. Office actions, responses, registrations, publication, etc. are all possible statuses included in the update. And the update contains an easy and quick link to go right to the USPTO records for each record which shows an update. The updates even display the mark image in case there is a logo or other image involved.

For example, here is the beginning of a recent update email (the records here represent nothing other than that I found them interesting):

2012-12-18 SOFTMWARE email p1_001sofTMware beta is available for free at  Let me know what you think of it!


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