I am thankful for many things, including trademarks for every holiday and occasion!

For fun, here are a few Thanksgiving themed trademark registrations – including food, parades, and one of my all time favorites, Turducken® (click marks or logos to open USPTO records):

  • Thanksgiving Farm – wine

  • Thanksgiving Day Dinner – pet food

  • – Providing of food and drink; Restaurant services

  • – Charitable services, namely, coordination of the procurement and distribution of food donations and sporting goods donations directly to needy families or indirectly through other not-for-profit organizations

  • – Poultry, namely, turkey

  • – Association services, namely promoting the interests of turkey conservationists and sportspersons

  • HAWLLOWTHANKSMAS – Calendars; Greeting cards; Paper party decorations; Postcards

  • TURKEY SLAYER – shotguns and parts thereof

  • MACY’S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE – entertainment services, namely, organizing and conducting a parade

  • PILGRIM’S FEED – Animal feed

  • GOBBLZ! – Bakery and confectionary goods, namely– brownies, blondies, squares, cookies, shortbread cookies, whoopie pies, scones, chocolates, low carbohydrate bakery and candy goods

  • GobbleBox – Dissemination of advertising for others via the Internet; Marketing, promotional and advertising services provided by mobile telephone connections

  • PUMPKIN PIE – hair products, namely, shampoos; and bath products, namely, gels, and bubble bath

  • TURKEY TESTICLE FESTIVAL – arranging parties for others having a Thanksgiving theme

  • AMERICAN MAYFLOWER LIFE – life insurance underwriting services

  • America’s Turkey Trot – Entertainment services, namely, participation in foot races; and organizing community foot race sporting and cultural events, all performed on or around Thanksgiving Day

  • OPERATING THANKSGIVING EAGLE – Charitable services, namely, providing books to children and families, including children and families of the US military; education services, namely, providing classes, seminars, lectures and workshops in the field of American history and the Thanksgiving holiday; presentation of live musical performances; conducting book signings

  • – Vehicles, namely, trucks; truck chassis; roasted chicken [Description:The mark consists of the design of a truck with the part of a chicken on the top of the truck.]

  • – Meat, poultry, and game, namely, processed chicken and turkey, and deli meats


  • THANKS-A-LATTE – Issuing gift certificates which may then be redeemed for goods or services

  • THANKSJIBBING – Ski and snowboard resort services; Promoting and conducting skiing and snowboarding exhibitions and competitions; promoting and conducting musical and live entertainment performances; entertainment services, namely personal appearances by sports and entertainment industry celebrities;restaurant services; booking temporary lodging and lift ticket packages

  • TOFURKY– foods, namely, soy and wheat based meat and game substitutes (see image below)

Tofurkey package
  • AMERICA’S THANKSGIVING PARADE – Organizing community festivals, namely, parades

  • PILGRIM’S PRIDE. EAT WELL. – Wholesale food distributorships featuring poultry and poultry products


  • “Thankx-A-Latte” – Coffee and Tea Shops

  • PILGRIM – computer software, namely, for the collecting, tracking and management of quality data in service and manufacturing industries; computer training in the use and operation of computer software for collecting, tracking and management of quality data in service and manufacturing industriescomputer software installation services

  • MR. TURKEY – Fresh and Frozen Turkey Products-Namely, Whole Turkey Toms and Hens, Whole Turkey Hams, Turkey Thighs, Boneless Young Turkey, Turkey Breast, Barbecued Turkey Breast, Smoked Turkey Breast, Turkey Smoked Sausage, Turkey Breakfast Sausage, Turkey Rolls, Ground Turkey, Turkey Franks, Turkey Necks, Turkey Polska Kielbasa, Turkey Patties, Cured Turkey Thigh Meat, Turkey Salami, Turkey Pastrami, Turkey Breast Slices, Turkey Ham Slices, Turkey Bologna, Smoked Turkey Ham, Turkey Loaf, Canadian Breakfast Ham

  • and my favorite, made famous by John Madden:

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