I’ve made many mistakes in business over the years. Far and away, the worst marketing mistake I ever made was paying money – several thousand dollars – to be on Forbes radio on airplanes more than a decade ago. After it launched, just one person ever told me they heard the interview, and she was a relative, not a client!

So, I present below the worst marketing mistake I ever made – which is actually good content in the form of a four minute interview recorded with SkyRadio and played on Forbes in flight radio stations, wherein I discuss trademark basics, including strong vs. weak trademarks, and why registering a trademark is akin to insurance for your brand.

The interview is good. The decision to pay for it – when free video and audio content can be readily made (though not as easily 15 years ago!) was the worst marketing mistake I’ve ever made.

This audio was before the start of my prolific podcast and video content, which you can find here and here.

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