Two weeks ago I attended a roundtable “table topic” at the INTA conference featuring two staff attorneys from the USPTO.  The session was full of valuable information:

– 92% of USPTO Examining Attorney work from home part or full time

– Examining Attorney’s live in 28 states and Washington, DC

– New trademark application filings through 3/31/2012 are up almost 7% over the same period in FY2011

– 75% of all applications are handled entirely electronically without any exchange of paper between the applicant and the USPTO

– Up to 10 related applications (filed by the same application over a short time frame) can be assigned automatically to the same Examining Attorney

– Examining Attorneys will all have video conferencing capabilities on their new computer systems, the roll out of which should be completed in the next few weeks

– Full time Examining Attorneys are required to perform their work between the hours of 5:30am and 10pm EST, and can work their 80 hours per pay period any way they want within those times

– Approximately 20-25% of applications are filed by “pro se” applicants without an attorney

– The 2012 National Trademark Expo will be held October 19th and 20th at the USPTO’s headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia

– The USPTO has begun exploring the development of mobile / smart phone applications

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