The Titanic sank 100 years ago from this weekend.  Want some “titanic” trademarks?

The following are registered with the USPTO [click for USPTO records]:

  •  – museum services; museums
  • – Collective membership services indicating membership in a nonprofit organization for a museum 
  • TITANIC – Refrigerators
  • TITANIC – Jewelry, namely watches and time pieces
  • TITANIC TREASURES – Disposable ticket sets for playing games of chance
  • THE TITANIC AWARDS – Entertainment services, namely, providing a web site featuring photographic, audio, video and prose presentations featuring bad travel experiences
  • TITANIC – cigars
  • TITANIC – mops
  • TITANIC THOMPSON – Clothing, namely t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, golf shirts, caps, sun visors
  • TITANIC RESTAURANT AND BUFFET – Cocktail lounge buffets
  • TITANIC ARCADE – Amusement arcades featuring video games
  • TITANIC HOTEL AND CASINO – Leasing of shopping mall space; casinos; entertainment services in the nature of live theater productions, live musical performances, dance performances, magic shows, music concerts and sporting events, namely boxing and wrestling events; hotels, restaurant and bar services; beauty salon services

The Carpathia is the name of the ship that was the first on the scene to help rescue survivors:

  • CARPATHIA – Computer management services, namely, hosting the software, websites and other computer applications of others on a virtual private server; designing, developing, implementing, monitoring for technical purposes and administration of computer systems for others; value-added and/or managed services, namely, hosting the web sites and software applications of others on servers, storage devices and networking equipment belonging to the company; and providing professional services to others to ensure that the design and actual configuration of the servers, storage devices, networking equipment and software applications are compliant with government-issued mandates, industry-defined requirements and industry practices sufficient to achieve and maintain certifications; Monitoring of computer systems for security purposes

 The company that owned the Titanic was called the WHITE STAR LINE:

  • pending application owned by Carnival for a long list of goods

For more on the Titanic, see Titanic: 100 Years from National Geographic.

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