Reason number 3 that I love being a trademark attorney: Practicing what I preach

I find it extremely useful that because I run a small business and have multiple brands – for our law firm, our mobile phone app, our newsletter, our slogan, and more – I too have developed and used trademarks. And I have protected them.  Being able to practice what I preach, makes being a trademark attorney great, and it helps me connect to my clients and relate to the decisions they make with their trademarks.

I own nine USPTO trademark registrations. The most recent application I filed was in January for my new weekly newsletter, Tuesday Trademark Tip (Application Serial No. 85817818).

The nine protected names are:

These registrations are so important to me, and so valuable both literally and figuratively,  that I have each one nicely framed and hanging in our offices. I gathered  several of them together for this photo to show them off:

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