Reason number for that I love being a trademark attorney: working with fun brand names and logos.

For example, here are just a handful of of the great names and logos (among over 2,000 total) that I have had the pleasure of working on (click images and marks for USPTO records):

  • Trademark image
  • KNOT TODAY – Hair care preparations, namely, conditioners and detanglers
  • Trademark image– hammoks
  • HAIR COMES THE BRIDE – hair styling services and services of a professional makeup artist; wholesale ordering services in the field of bridal accessories; hair ornaments
  • Trademark image– [The mark consists of the three dimensional configuration of a building featuring a stepped front and a three dimensional package of fries appears on the top step, a three dimensional beverage cup with straw appears on a step below the fries, a three dimensional hot dog appears on a step below the cup, and a three dimensional hamburger appears on the bottom step; the dotted lines in the drawing are not a part of the mark but are intended to show the position of the mark on the building.] Fast-food restaurants
  • RIPPED CREAM – Coffee creamer; Creamers for beverages; coffee creamer featuring protein
  • Trademark image– shirts and hats
  • Trademark image– Consulting services for the meat and poultry industries in the fields of new product development, and meat science
  •  FRAICHE YOGURT – Restaurant and café services featuring yogurt and frozen yogurt
  • Trademark image– Hand bags, purses, luggage, coin purses, wallets, jewelry organizers for travel, cosmetic cases sold empty, and business card cases made of leather

And we are especially honored when other law firms and legal services choose Erik M Pelton & Associates, PLLC. For example:

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