Tonight, at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, the George Bulldogs and Alabama Crimson Tide will face off in the “College Football Playoff National Championship presented by AT&T.” There are many trademarks involved in the event, from the teams to the stadiums to the playoffs themselves (at least according BCS Properties, LLC, the entity that owns and controls them).

Note that the UGA brand toolkit claims that “The University of Georgia is identified by two main colors: Bulldog Red and Arch Black” while the University of Alabama’s branding standards notes that the school’s official colors are Crimson PMS 201, Cool Gray PMS 430, and White.

Here are some of the more interesting trademarks involved in tonight’s game (click name or images to open USPTO records):

  • Mark Image – registered for ‘Entertainment services in the nature of television and radio sports programs featuring college football games….’
  • Mark Image – pending application for vinyl flags
  • KENDRICK LAMAR – halftime performer
  • President DONALD TRUMP is expected to attend the game, perhaps sporting some clothing from the THE DONALD J. TRUMP SIGNATURE COLLECTION?


  • Trademark image– University of Alabama crimson red helmet
  • THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA #WHERELEGENDSAREMADE – registered last week for educational services
  • Mark Image – registered for jerseys and educational and entertainment services [Description of Mark: The mark consists of the product configuration of a collegiate football jersey, which includes the color combination of a crimson red jersey with white numbers, with the white numbers appearing on the chest and the crimson red covering the entire outer surface of the jersey.]
  • Mark Image – registered (after a lengthy dispute) for shirts
  • BAMA – registered for a variety of goods
  • CRIMSON TIDE – registered for a variety of goods
  • ALABAMA – registered for a variety of goods
  • Mark Image – registered for a variety of goods
  • ROLL TIDE – registered for variety of goods


  • DAWGS – registered for  entertainment in the nature of football games
  • HOW ‘BOUT THEM DAWGS – registered for clothing
  • HOW ‘BOUT THEM DOGS – Educational and Entertainment Services-Namely, Conducting Intercollegiate Football Games and Exhibitions
  • BULLDOGS – registered for Education services, namely providing instruction at the college level, and entertainment services, namely organizing and conducting collegiate sporting events
  • Mark Image – registered for ‘Educational and Entertainment Services-Namely, Conducting Intercollegiate Football Games and Exhibitions’
  • Mark Image – registered for Educational services, namely, providing courses of instruction at the college level; Entertainment in the nature of competitions in the field of athletics….
  • BETWEEN THE HEDGES – registered for Educational and Entertainment Services-Namely, Conducting Intercollegiate Football Games and Exhibitions, claiming use since 1929

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