The NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals began earlier this week. Two teams remain, the Washington Capitals and the Vegas Golden Knights. Here is a guide to the major trademarks on display (click marks for USPTO records):

The STANLEY CUP is a registered trademark, as is the image of the cup itself:

Trademark imageWashington Capitals

  • The Caps logos are great.  A few years ago they had a sleeker more (ugly) modern design, which thankfully they abandoned in favor of the current logos that nod to their older logos and the red, white, and blue colors.
  • The “white space” inside the eagle that forms the U.S. Capitol dome is brilliant (many don’t even notice it)
  • I also like: the ed, white and blue coloring in the nation’s capital; the team name, which is rather unique and appropriate for being in Washington, D.C.; the somewhat subtle silhouette of the capitol building and the “W” within the eagle design.
  • Slogans: ROCK THE RED and the new one this season, #ALLCAPS. The ALLCAPS slogan is wonderful. Unfortunately the team has not yet filed to register it.
  • Star Alex Ovechkin previously applied for two trademark registrations, but of which were abandoned: OV-1 and ALEXANDER THE GR8

Vegas Golden Knights

  • The Golden Knights are an expansion franchise that began play this season. Their name choice was a curious one to me since it is so specific yet does not have an immediate connection to Las Vegas. The US Amy’s parachute team is also called the Golden Knights – although the Army did not own a trademark registration for the term. The team has pending USPTO trademark applications for LAS VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS and VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS. The Army has opposed both applications at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. The College of St. Rose also uses the GOLDEN KNIGHTS team name.
  • Name history: The team ownership has previously applied to register DESERT KNIGHTS and SILVER KNIGHTS.
  • They recently applied to register GOLDEN MISFITS.
  • Logo: I don’t prefer the logo, which is rather modern and sleek and simple.

Mark ImageNBC Universal owns a registration for INSIDE THE GLASS for its coverage of the hockey games. And announcer Mike (‘Doc’) Emrick owns a registration for OFF MIKE for radio programming.

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