The last public meeting of the Trademark Public Advisory Committee (“TPAC”) was in February. The public advisory committee that works with the USPTO generally holds quarterly public meetings and monthly public telephone conferences – in addition to closed door meetings and phone conferences.

The TPAC page on the USPTO website ( has not been updated in at least 2 months however, and does not indicate the dates of any upcoming public meetings or teleconferences.

If anyone has information about the next meetings, please post here in the “Comments” section so that we can keep anyone interested up to date. I am particularly eager to know more about any upcoming developments related to the USPTO trademark computer systems and web tools (including recent problems and outages with TARR and the Assignment recording notices), the release of the upgrade to the TBMP which Judge Rogers previously indicated should be out by the end of March, and reaction – if any –  to the study submitted by the USPTO to Congress on trademark litigation tactics.

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