The following is a transcript of my video Vaccinate Your Brand with Trademark Registration.

As I record this episode, I’m in between my first and second dose of getting the Pfizer vaccine. I actually heard a friend of mine yesterday refer to it as half-cinated. It’s a hybrid of half-vaccinated. I thought that was interesting new terminology.

Trademark registration is like a vaccine to protect your brand from harms and dangers and risks, because when we get vaccinated, we’re boosting our immune system. A vaccine works via tricking your immune system boost into already preparing to fight the coronavirus, in this instance. That protection is akin to the protection that a brand gets when they register their trademark, because once they have a trademark registration in the records of the US Patent and Trademark Office their brand now can move about with more freedom, more flexibility, and is more protected. For a registered brand, it is   going to be easier to deal with any challenges or any disputes.

One of the great ways that registration boosts a brand’s immune system is that the registration appears in the USPTO database all the time, 24/7, 365 days a year. The brand’s immune system is doing that work for the registrant—the owner of the trademark registration—all the time, when other people are searching for new trademark registrations or when examiners are reviewing trademark applications. The trademark registration is doing the work to protect the brand without the brand owner even knowing about it just by being in that USPTO database.

Of course, another way that it helps boost the immunity for the brand is allowing to use the R with a circle – ® – and showing off to consumers and competitors that the name is protected and registered and important and valuable.

These are a few of the ways that the immunity boost that we get from our COVID-19 vaccine is akin to the boost for brand protection that your brand can get from registering with the USPTO. If you have any questions about how this applies to your brand and your business, you can always reach me at, or leave me a comment on the video or the podcast, and we can begin the discussion.

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