I write this post from a visit to Rome, Italy. While there are many incredible sights and millennia of history to write about, one thing strikes me as central to all the great buildings: arches. From the first real buildings, to the Colosseum, to the medieval castles, and to the many bridges and aqueducts, archways were central to building large and lasting structures.

The most important part of any arch is the keystone. The center stone at the top of the arch is central to holding it together, supporting the weight above, and creating the entryway below. The Roman Colosseum that stood for centuries was essentially arch built upon arch, over and over again. Without the keystone, the arches and the construction around them would not be possible, they are the heart of the architecture.

Registration of trademark is akin to the keystone for a brand’s protection. While it is not a legal requirement, registration strengthens the protection immeasurably and makes everything else related to brand growth, expansion, and protection easier and better. It is the foundation upon which brand protection is generally built.

The keystone locks an arch into place, allowing it to support greater weight.

Trademark registration essentially locks the brand  protection into place, allowing it to support greater growth. It is the keystone.

More arches – here you can see the some of the interior layers of arches in the Colosseum (and more arches in the reflection on my glasses!)

hallway inside the Colosseum

Arch build upon arch

An archway at the Vatican Museum

Arches are everywhere you look in Rome!

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