In the last few days and weeks, we have received a great number of inquiries about trademark monitoring or trademark registry services based on letters received in the mail. These letters look official or governmental. In fact, they are generally scams. The registries are of no value. And the monitoring services are better done by attorneys or other service providers.

Many of these scams use names that look or sound like the “United States Patent and Trademark Office” but upon closer examination they are private solicitations.

If you have any questions about whether such an offer is real or necessary, contact an attorney or the USPTO.  

If the letter does not say it is from the “U.S. Patent and Trademark Office” or “U.S.P.T.O.” on it, it is not a part of the trademark application or registration process. To limit the exposure to these scams, our firm never provides email addresses or phone numbers of our clients when filing with the USPTO.

For more information about these scams, see the video below.

Individuals who have received or been subject to such scams in the U.S. can file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and/or the USPTO.


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One thought on “Trademark Scam Information (video)

  1. Hello Eric,
    Thank you for this very timely video, I just received one from United States Trademark Registration Office for $375.00 Due Now to register with an alleged bureau of the Dept. of Homeland Security so that we can be protected from importation of goods that infringe on our register trademarks. I was just about to contact you, as our trademark attorney to ask about this “bill”. Thanks for the info!

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