Two very recent developments related to the trademark scam issue:

  • At a luncheon today at the American Bar Association’s  27th Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference, Director of the USPTO David Kappos was the featured speaker. I was fortunate to be in attendance. Following his remarks, Director Kappos was asked a question about the USPTO’s recent cease and desist letter to the “United States Trademark Registration Office” regarding their solicitations to trademark applicants and registrants. Director Kappos commented that the solicitations are “masquerading as the USPTO” and that they are “clearly misleading.” He noted that the USPTO’s handling of the issue was still in process but that they are “going to follow through on this.”
  • The USPTO has begun sending a written warning about the solicitations enclosed with trademark registration certificates. I received the warning below today. Note that it is printed on bright orange paper!

 Warning from the USPTO Concerning Unofficial Trademark Solicitations


David Kappos

Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and

Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (photo via

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