Trademark records are publicly available. As a result, owners of trademark applications and registrations frequently receive unsolicited offers for trademark related services. For the most part, they are scams. Offers to publish a trademark in an international directory are worthless. These offers mask themselves as appearing important because they use bureaucratic language and formats, and because they are expensive. Sadly, they must work on some people or else there wouldn’t be so many outfits sending out these materials.

Here are some recent “offers” my clients and I have received, all of which in my opinion are worthless:

– United States Trademark Monitoring & Notification

– WDTP’s Registration of the International Trademark

– Z b International

Trademark Scam Samples

Recipients of these offers and others like them may wish to complain to the Federal Trade Commission:

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One thought on “Trademark scams – another update

  1. Thanks for clarifying that. We get these from time to time and do wonder occasionally.

    Hilarious that they sent your company an actual trademark alert.

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