Before launching a new brand name or company name, register the relevant domain names. Consider a few different extensions, not just the .com. And consider some different spellings if applicable. Once you make a name public, or file a USPTO trademark application, the world knows about it. And there are plenty of nefarious people who try to register domain names that correspond with brand names and company names so they can offer them for sale, or worse. (While there may be legal action available against a cybersquatter, such a proceeding could be even more expensive than buying the domain name from the party that bought it.)

Save money – and protect your brand – by registering domain names first.

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One thought on “Tuesday Trademark Tip: Register domain names first

  1. Hello!
    My name is LaRissa Dawn. I Live in Texas and I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube. May I first say how much of a help your videos have been! A HUGE HELP to me!! Thank you so much for them! I really appreciate them! I just have one question, I’m ready to start my T-shirt line and I understand that ill need a business license for my county and state, but before I can even begin that, I need my Copyright or Trademark. They have both been explained to me a million times and I thought Trademark would be better but I would like a professionals opinion first. I am taking my drawings, art, photos, etc.. and putting them on to clothing with my logo. I was even told to get both. In your opinion which would be the best for my company? Thank you

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