Fresh of the completion of the Summer Olympics, several members of the U.S. team are facing trademark troubles. 

Just like Jeremy Lin, Tim Tebow, and others, when someone becomes a pop icon, many want to capitalize. As with any brand, some foresight could have saved a lot of trouble, for both the athletes (filing early) and for the others (a comprehensive clearance search) — trademark registration and protection is not as east as it looks!

Here are some relevant USPTO trademark records (click mark to open), followed by some recent articles covering the trademark stories


USPTO: The Flying Squirrel application

USPTO: JEAH application by Ryan Lochte

USPTO: The Fab 5 application application by Edge Health Initiatives, LLC for variety of gymnastics goods and services

USPTO: Fab 5 Gymnastics application by Edge Health Initiatives, LLC for variety of gymnastics goods and services

USPTO: Fab Five application by Jalen Rose for ‘Entertainment media production services for motion pictures, television and Internet’ filed 08/09/12

GABBY DOUGLAS: College Kid Took My Nickname (TMZ) – ‘Flying Squirrel’

Olympic Gold Medalists Can’t Seem to Trademark Their Brands


RYAN LOCHTE: Jeah! Copyright [sic] Battle Looming with Compton Rapper (TMZ)

Usain Bolt – world’s fastest trademark owner

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