In November, in a post called Ten “non-traditional” trademarks that should be registered… but aren’t I listed some sound, uniform, and configuration marks that I believe are well known and worth protecting. Three months later, at least two of the marks I identified are now pending applications:

  •  Trademark image– Progressive’s Flo configuration [The mark consists of a three-dimensional configuration of a female wearing the following accessories, each of which is claimed as a part of the mark: bump hairstyle, blue headband, red lipstick, white polo shirt, white pants, blue athletic shoes, brown watchband with watch, white apron showing the word “Progressive”, white button showing the words “I [heart design] insurance”, name tag showing the word “Flo.” The dotted outline of the female’s facial features is not part of the mark.]  HT to @TimberlakeLaw for the filing info!
  • The Old Spice whistle sound from its television commercials [The mark consists of a whistled tune.]

I’m sure it is just a coincidence. Because no one reads this blog (except you)!



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