The first half of 2019 saw a slowing in the recent increase in the number of US trademark applications filed, with approximately 2% growth over the prior year’s first half. But the pace of filing increased overall for Fiscal Year 2019, although at a bit of slower pace of increase than recent years.

Trademark applications have always been a leading indicator of economic trends. Here are the recent USPTO filing statistics through September 30, 2018, the end of FY2018, the government’s fiscal year:

  • FY2019 (Oct. 1, 2018 through Sept. 30, 2019): 487,056 applications filed
  • FY2018 (Oct. 1, 2017 through Sept. 30, 2018): 461,129 applications filed
  • FY2017 (Oct. 1, 2016 through Sept. 30, 2017): 425,415 applications filed

(FY2019 Data retrieved via TESS search on on October 8, 2019.)

Filings for FY2019 were therefore up more than 5.5 percent over the prior FY2018, which is less than the grown in recent years.

In FY2019, 297,670 trademark registrations were issued by the USPTO, the most ever in any fiscal year.

As a whole, trademark filings have grown each year since 2010, mirroring the US economy. Will they slow down at some point? Almost certainly. But who knows when that will be?

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