With 2011 now 3/4 over, how do the number of new trademark  applications filing stack up to same period in 2010?

Here is the data from the USPTO website:

  • 1st nine months of 2011:  229,401
  • 1st nine months of 2010:  214,713
  • 1st nine months of 2009:  201, 957

Filings through the first nine months of 2011 are up 6.8% over the same period in 2010. As I reported previously,  the number of applications through June 30th showed a 4% increase over the same time last year. Clearly, this trend of increased application filings is a good one. As trademarks are often considered a bellwether of the economy, things appear to be headed in the right direction. 

Businesses in the United States are launching new brands, expanding existing ones and are investing in protecting them. Perhaps the President – with all his focus on the economy and creating jobs – should take notice?  [If he showed up at the 2011 National Trademark Expo on Friday it would be a great way to show it!]

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