The USPTO website – – is wonderful in many ways. It has a treasure trove of resources including videos. It features electronic filing for both trademarks and patents, and many searchable electronic databases.

However, it is lacking a mobile interface or any app to search or file via a mobile device. In 2014 this is not acceptable.

Given that:

  • the USPTO is a profitable government agency;
  • the USPTO is especially aimed at entrepreneurs and new technologies;
  • easy filing mean more filings means a more accurate record of protected intellectual property;
  • easy filing mean more filings means the economy’s intellectual property is collectively more protected and more valuable; and
  • the USPTO is generally technologically savvy….

the lack of apps and mobile interface is astonishing for given the USPTO’s role and their other capabilities.  They should be a top priority of USPTO officials in 2014 and for the next Director of the USPTO


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