According to the USTPO website, TEAS 5.0 for electronic trademark applications and other filings will be deployed on November 24th. The enhancements will be on both the back end and the front end of the system.

Note that any incomplete forms pending signature or payment will be erased from the system at the end of November 23rd.

Some of the notable changes, according the USPTO website, include:

  • The TEAS system has been updated to ensure that all online forms are compatible with the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Internet browsers.
  • The warning message on TEAS forms informing users that registrations are subject to cancellation for fraudulent statements has been revised.
  • Revised all global forms to ensure that the forms function properly when special characters appear in the marks.
  • The text in the TEAS forms was revised for clarity, consistency, and to correct typographical errors.
  • The TEAS forms will be migrated to a new virtual environment running on the Linux JBOSS Enterprise Application Platform, which will improve both the security of the information contained on the forms and the efficiency with which the forms can be accessed.

The USPTO trademark office continues to be at the forefront of electronic services, as more than 90% of applications are filed electronically and nearly 80% of applications are handled purely electronically from start to finish. These improvements will certainly help continue the electronic trend. 

One question remains: When will TEAS and be updated to include mobile formatting for phones and tablet  computers?

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