Congratulations to IntenSati® and Patricia Moreno who were featured in the Wall Street Journal and on the Today show this week! We registered IntenSati on behalf of our client a few years ago.  The best part of the WSJ article is that it specifically references the trademark!

  • “IntenSati was invented by fitness instructor Patricia Moreno and trademarked by her. It combines aerobics, martial arts, dance, yoga, strength training and positive affirmations. The program is offered at gyms across the country. IntenSati resonated with Ms. Byalick, even though she lasted just 15 minutes of her first class.”

Full Wall Street Journal story here:

and video here:

IntenSati trademark registration here:

Lesson: Protect your brand before it gets big, then when it gets big you have a strong protected brand already and can leverage it to more protection and more brand awareness.  If you ignore your brand, when your business is ready for its big break perhaps the brand will be unprotected or worse yet confused with a competitor.

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