The Washington Redskins trademark case has, rightly so, garnered a lot of media and political attention. But another DC team also has a problematic logo in my opinion.

D.C. United is the Washington team in Major League Soccer. Their logo is:

The logo – to me – is rather reminiscent of Nazi Germany.  See below comparison from

Nazi Eagle Totally Looks Like DC United Logo


In fact, the team’s original logo only lasted for just one season before pressure led the team to change it. The original logo was even more fascist looking:

Maybe I’m the only one who thinks the current logo is too similar to Nazi imagery?

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2 thoughts on “Washington DC's other sports team logo problem: DC United

  1. No, you’re not the only one. Or at least I hope you’re not. I just saw my first live game with them and when I saw that logo, my impression was immediately the symbolic parallels with one of Nazi Germany’s logos.

    Is this a case of someone being “inspired” by something they once saw but don’t realize they’re being influenced by it when they are creative?

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