An Aol Small Business Article posted last week poses the question: What Are the Best and Worst Company Logos?


Graphic from AOL Small Business article (click for link to source)


The article certainly highlights several very good and very bad logos.  And it quotes me 🙂  No argument from me that Nike, CBS, FedEx, and Playboy are great logos.

However, I disagree with several of the findings in the article:

  • The article lists the “Geico Gecko” as a top logo.  I would beg to differ as a) it is not a logo, but a character featured in advertising, and b) the GEICO logo itself – block lettering – is horribly simple and boring.
  • I disagree with including Mercedes on the list of worst logos. In fact, I have often listed Mercedes logo among my favorites.  Simple, elegant, balanced, and suggestive of a car wheel and steering wheel.
  • Coca-cola’s logo is also listed among the least favorites. I would also beg to differ.  The Coca-Cola script may be simple, but it is ubiquitous and instantly recognizable (think of all the t-shirts parodying it). Furthermore, the Coca-Cola bottle shape, which is the primary trademark of Coca-Cola is one of the best known designs in the world.

Thankfully the author did not ask for my opinion on the ‘new’ Aol. logo.  As I blogged here, I think the new Aol. logo is lame and fails to communicate much of a message.

What’s your favorite logo?

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