This blog generally covers trademark, branding and social media issues. But I also sometimes try to shed a little light into our office and into what it is like to manage and run a small trademark law firm.

Recently, I have been thinking about the elements of work every day that have little or nothing to do with law school, bar exams, and other traditional education. I am more cognizant of these issues, I think, because we are a small practice and because we work with interns each semester and expose them to not just trademarks but also a little bit of what it is like to work in and manage a small law firm environment.

Here is a partial list of things I have worked on in the last month that I was not taught about  in law school:

Fixing a printer

Many kinds of marketing, including writing (blogging)

Submitting a speech proposal

Ordering new letterhead

Negotiating and explaining to the client the pro’s and con’s of various outcomes and options

Ordering a new server

Fixed computer/server issues

Negotiating office lease terms with landlord

Hosting a conference call

Recording  a video and posting it to YouTube

Submitting a FOIA request

Writing a letter to congress

Management of the firm’s docket calendar

Proper filing and storage  of physical and electronic documents

Speaking with prospective clients

Drafting retainer agreements

Working on the Board of the Chamber of Commerce

Handling billing and collection issues

Opening new case files

Managing staff

Speaking on a panel at a CLE

Paying bills and taxes

Interviewing and hiring interns

I actually enjoy many if not most of these things. One reason I enjoy them is that I feel it connects me to most of our clients, who are frequently small businesses and entrepreneurs and do many of the same things and more the same way: learning by doing.

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