You have probably read quite a bit about the revised Google logo launched last week. It made a lot of news, of course, since Google is a giant brand that most of use interact with many times a day. Many designs have panned it.

Regardless of whether you think you like the new Google, it it here to stay. It is relevant to the overall trends in logos and trademarks for several reasons:

  • It is clean and simple (which also makes it easier to load)
  • It is sharp (which also makes it easier to see on a mobile screen)
  • It retains elements, and colors, from the prior version — so the change is not terribly shocking
  • The sleeker design uses less bandwdith and reproduces more easily on a small screen without distortion or being hard to read

Last year, NETFLIX revamped its logo with similar effect. The new logo was not loved, but that was not the point. It took the old logo and made it sharper and easier to load on mobile screens, which are a rapidly growing percentage of brand interactions. Foursquare and Airbnb also underwent similar revisions recently.



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