A  notice published this week, as well as a blog post by Victoria Espinel, the administration’s Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, requests public comments regarding the administrations strategy for intellectual property enforcement.

Specifically, the White House seeks comment regarding 

(i) overall strategy regarding the U.S. government’s IP enforcement efforts,

(ii) combating existing or emerging threats “to American innovation and economic competitiveness posed by violations of intellectual property rights over the next five to ten years,” and 

(iii) a variety of questions about IP enforcement by the government.

Comments are by 5pm EST on July 20, 2012. More details can be found at the full notice:


I plan to comment (and I will post them here) and I intend to reiterate concerns that the needs are small businesses are not being met, and that the over-enforement of trademark rights is very costly and must be guarded against.


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