Food trucks are becoming more and more successful and popular in many cities. We have been fortunate to work with several food truck operators to protect their brands. Trademark protection is important and valuable for all brands, and for all small businesses. However. food trucks have a heightened need for proper trademark protection. Why is it so important?

– The industry is booming and growing rapidly with scores of new brand names coming into the marketplace every month.

– There have been many instances where food truck operators have chosen names too similar to those of existing restaurant or other food trucks/carts. The resulting costs (financial and otherwise) can be a severe hindrance to growth.

– Food trucks are generally very local businesses, operating within a range of maybe 20 miles or even less. Without a USPTO registration, a local food truck brand is only protected in the local geographic area where it operates and not anywhere else in the US. Federal registration provides protection in all 50 states, which is important not only to avoid confusion online and on social media, but for potential expansion, licensing, and/or franchising.

– Social media user names and domain names are particularly valuable in the food truck business since a great deal of customers track the locations online. Trademark protection can help avoid and/or solve domain name trademark issues.

– The cost of rebranding a food truck can be enough to crush a business. Repainting or re-wrapping a truck is not cheap, and the loss of customer loyalty due to a re-branding is a real possibility.

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