The Siegel+Gale Global Brand Simplicity Index features a ranking of the “simplest” and most successful brands. According to their rankings, the top ten are:

  1. Subway
  2. Dunkin’ Donuts
  3. Google
  4. Amazon
  5. Netflix
  6. Publix
  7. Apple
  8. McDonald’s
  9. Starbucks
  10. Zappos

There are two themes present among these ten:

  • creative names
  • great logo designs

Subway is a play on words of course. They sell submarine sandwiches, not trains. Netflix is a great suggestive easy and fun word. Dunkin’ Donuts is fun to say, alliterative and suggestive of coffee and pastries. Google is suggestive of large numbers – googolplex. Zappos is taken from the Spanish word for shoes, zapatos.

And check out the logos below. Simple. Clean. Iconic.


Netflix logo.svg

Zappos logo color.jpg

File:Ikea logo.svg

Dunkin Donuts logo


Whether your business is large or small, these examples are powerful. Is your brand name overly simple? Is your logo unnecessarily cluttered? Simple is good. Simple can be powerful.

Additional reading: Co.Design – Google, Ikea, Apple: The World’s 10 Simplest Brands


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