Everyone knows that Xerox® and Kleenex® are not generic terms, even though many used them generically to refer to a category of products and not a particular brand. But there are many other names that you won’t believe are also registered trademarks and not generic terms.

Believe it or not, these names are not generic [click marks for USPTO records]

  1. SKINNYJEANS – women’s slimming blue jeans
  2. HULA-HOOP – plastic toy hoops
  3. ONESIES – Infant’s and children’s clothing, namely, infantwear, underwear, bodysuits, underclothes and undergarments
  4. CROCK-POT – electronic cooking appliances, namely casseroles
  5. KOOZIE – insulated containers for beverage cans
  6. SPIN – stationary exercise bicycles; physical fitness instruction
  7. ROLLERBLADE – boots equipped with longitudinally aligned rollers used for skating and skiing
  8. FRISBEE – toy flying saucers for toss games
  9. PING-PONG – bats and rackets of the tennis type for games
  10. BUBBLE WRAP – Cellular Cushioning Packaging Material which Contains Entrapped Bubbles of Air or Other Gases
  11. BONUS: CHAPSTICK – non-medicated lip balm

of course, there are more too! (VELCO, X-ACTO KNIFE, POPSICLE, Q-TIPS, ZAMBONI, SKEE-BALL,….)

File:Folsom Hula Hoop.jpg

A woman using a Hula-Hoop. Image via wikimedia commons http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Folsom_Hula_Hoop.jpg



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