I recently came across a wonderful story about an inspiring young entrepreneur.  The creator of BeeSweet Tea is Mikaila Ulmer. She launched the business in 2012 at the age of 7! She made it onto Shark Tank in 2015, while her brand was growing. She received an investment as a result of the show, and her business continues to grow.

Beesweet Lemonade Variety Pack

Her brand is wonderful for several reasons:

  • It tells a story. Not just of a child entrepreneur, but of helping to save bees, which have experienced a large reduction in their colonies in recent years. The website tout’s Ms. Ulmer “A social entrepreneur, bee ambassador, educator and student.”
  • It is a fun, creative name, and playful logo.
  • She filed for trademark protection long before the media spotlight – an application was filed in early 2014 to protect the BEESWEET TEA name.

A child entrepreneur recognizes the value of a great name and proper trademark protection. Sadly, many adult businesses ignore the significance of trademarks.

I can’t wait to follow the journey of this inspiring entrepreneur!

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