We are now three weeks into the new year. And I’ve resisted the temptation to post about 20/20 vision and such.

But I can’t resist the opportunity to provide 20 of my top trademark tips, in no particular order:

  1. File early (there are very few scenarios where waiting to file will put the applicant in a stronger position).
  2. Suggestive names are the best, in my opinion.
  3. Words are more important to protect than logos, generally.
  4. Docket, and check, registration renewal deadlines!
  5. Use the proper trademark symbol.
  6. Document the key events and dates associated with a trademark.
  7. Consider whether to file international protection in other countries.
  8. When deciding whether to use an attorney or other service, consider the value, not the cost.
  9. Trademark registration is more valuable today than ever before.
  10. Trademark registration is a tremendous investment for any business.
  11. Consider whether you should be building a portfolio of trademarks.
  12. The trademark application process is a long and winding road, don’t expect early results.
  13. Great logos deserve trademark protection.
  14. Trademark protection is a marathon, not a sprint.
  15. Trademark protection is even more important for small businesses, who likely cannot afford expensive litigation to defend their name.
  16. The filing basis is a key part of any USPTO application.
  17. The descriptions of goods or services is another key part of any USPTO application.
  18. Before dealing with a potential infringement, know which party has priority.
  19. Don’t overlook the significance of a clearance search before adopting or applying for a new name..
  20. Trademark registration doesn’t cost money, it saves money (as a result of all the benefits and savings that registration provides).

These are some of my most valuable tips, that I revisit with client over and over. I hope that you find them helpful!

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