A message to our clients and friends:

This is not my usual monthly newsletter, as the recent days have certainly been far from usual. Along with everyone else, our firm has been making plans to cope with the impact of COVID-19 on our community and our practice. Thanks to our early adoption of advanced technology, we have plans in place for working remotely and client calls via video conference, along with robust IT and security protocols. In fact, over the years we have built two proprietary software programs that run securely in the cloud and manage our practice while tracking all updates and changes in our clients’ files at the USPTO.

To ensure that we can provide the best updates for our clients, we are in constant communication with the USPTO regarding any changes to their practices and deadlines. We will continue to take care of our clients’ needs and provide the same service as always, focused on quality and experience with predictable and affordable flat fees.

Managing your brand in a time of crisis: At this time of crisis, your brand’s reputation may be on the line. Clear decisions and communications can gain trust and strengthen a brand; missteps could cause lasting harm. My family has experienced this directly, as my wife’s very successful restaurant had to manage the last few days with evolving protocols and ultimately a decision on Sunday to close preemptively. If you need a sounding board or any counsel dealing with the reactions to or ramifications from the COVID-19 developments and the ripple effects on the economy and your brand, know that I’m here for you. Email me if you would like to schedule a Zoom call or video conference, or use my online scheduler: https://erikpelton.as.me/schedule.php

Discounted book: If you want read more about Building a Bold Brand, I have reduced the Kindle price of my recent book as low as Amazon will permit, to $2.99. Get it here.

Free trademark  software: If you want to receive updates from our free software program regarding any trademark application or registration, see www.softmware.com. Email me if you need to know what Serial Numbers to enter for tracking.

If you want to learn more regarding any particular trademark topics, my videos and podcasts are always available and free.

And stay connected on social media (linkedin, twitter, facebook, Instagram) for more news, as I plan to share info on brand management in times of crisis, and to host some free online workshops in the next few weeks.

Together, as colleagues, friends, entrepreneurs, and a community, we will get through this crisis. Of course, if you have any questions please contact me.



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