Most business owners and entrepreneurs are, at this unique moment in time, facing unprecedented scenarios due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Here are 5 brief tips I have pulled together to help manage a brand in a time of crisis:

  • Stay true to your core values: Core values are just that, and they are even more important in times of trouble or crisis.
  • Communicate openly: Be open and honest with employees, vendors, and customers where possible.
  • Put customers and employees ahead of revenue: Many businesses will see a drop in revenue for some time. Focusing on revenue, rather than caring for the health of the community, customers, and employees, may be shortsighted. We are seeing many examples of businesses going above and beyond in this crisis time, with lots of online businesses making more resources available to educators and others for free or at steeply discounted rates.
  • Be proactive: Be forward looking, BUT don’t rush to make a pronouncement before you have all the facts. When you do make an announcement, acknowledge the fluidity of the situation, and include in any communication the time and date when it was created.
  • Be available for your customers: Let customers know you are listening to them, and let them how to contact you. Make this part of any crisis communication.

These basic tools can help a brand preserve its hard-earned image and strengthen trust with customers. It can take a lifetime to build a reputation, and just moments – one poor decision in a time of crisis – to ruin or significantly damage it.

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