The annual spring IP conference of the ABA this year will feature a wealth of trademark (and copyright and patent) content. Full disclosure: I helped with organizing and planning the trademark programming.

The conference will be Bethesda, Maryland from March 25-27.

Trademark content includes:

  • A Trademark Overhaul! Canadian Trademarks Act Amendments and Their Effect on US Trademark Owners
  • Trademark and False Advertising Jury Trials: Reports from the Trenches
  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Hearing in Action
  • Trademarks and Publicity in Sports and Entertainment
  • Advanced Trademark Prosecution, Effective Office Action Responses, and Emerging Genericness Issues
  • Non-Traditional Trademarks: The Shape (and more) of Trademarks to Come
  • USPTO Rejection of Scandalous and Disparaging Trademarks
  • Risky Business – Pitfalls of IP Holding Companies
  • The Brewhaha: Working with Craft Breweries for Trademark, Brand Protection, and Labeling

To download the full brochure, see here.

For more schedule and registrations details, see:


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