This weekend the NFL lost one of its great characters. Al Davis was coach and then owner of the Raiders. His impact on the game was significant. Not just on the field and as a GM and owner. But as a marketer. As I wrote recently, the NFL is the king of branding. Al Davis understood that and helped build the NFL’s brand. He even had some role in creating the Super Bowl, one of the most well known brands in the world.

Los Angeles Raiders Logo - Silver helmet, shield logo with black stripe, grey facemask

Among the tributes I saw this weekend, nearly all of them indirectly mentioned one or more of his “trademarks” – frequently the silver and black colors he chose for the team to be intimidating, or the slogan “Just win, baby.” Davis was not just skilled at football tactics, he was a skilled marketer and brand leader. 

The Raiders have generated a plethora of protected trademarks over the years [click marks for USPTO records]:

As these registrations show, Al Davis knew marketing, he knew how to extend the Raider brand and how to market and protect it. I’m not sure if any other NFL team has created as strong a brand. Perhaps the Cowboys or the Packers

What is your favorite Raider trademark?

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