The following is a transcript of my video Amazon Brand Registry Update for Trademark Owners.

For those of you who sell online, you’ve probably heard of the Amazon Brand Registry. We have worked with many, many clients who have participated in the Amazon Brand Registry or otherwise sellers on Amazon. Sometimes, they’re exclusively sellers on Amazon. Sometimes, they sell elsewhere. I want to provide a very quick important update about the Amazon Brand Registry, because just within the last few weeks, Amazon has actually changed the requirements and opened up the tools—the membership participation in the Amazon Brand Registry—to a wider audience. It previously used to be a requirement that a trademark was registered with the USPTO. Unless you were working with a certain group of law firms, you had to have a registration in order to be in the Amazon Brand Registry. However, the big change now is that a pending application at the USPTO is now sufficient to gain access to the Brand Registry.

The Brand Registry is a valuable tool for Amazon sellers to have more favorable recognition in the Amazon algorithms and browsing preferences. So, if this is something that’s important to your brand, we’re happy to connect with you and help get your brand into the Amazon Brand Registry, and get your brand filed, pending, and hopefully eventually registered with the USPTO, because that of course is very important and valuable as well.

If you have questions about selling online, questions about being an Amazon vendor, we also have clients who sell on Etsy, Pinterest, all the social media sites that are very important now to marketing and promoting so many different kinds of brands. We have a lot of experience dealing with managing the branding and trademark aspects on all of these platforms. If you want to connect and talk about how it affects your brand, reach out to me at Look for the Connect With Us button on the top right.

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