Several recent logo changes have undergone a quick and public death: The Gap and University of California are two prime examples. Replacing a logo is tricky – consumers may not like the new logo, they may be attached to the old logo, or they may just be confused as to why there is a new logo and what it represents. Is the brand changing?

Trademark image

VH1’s new logo includes a “plus” sign

In a world of instant feedback, social media, and the ability to amass a large online group in hours, launching a new logo is particularly touchy. So kudos to those who handle it well. As VH1’s recent new logo roll-out demonstrates, a good roll-out should include:

  • an explanation from the brand
  • a video
  • social media
  • USPTO trademark application(s)

Recent videos from Microsoft and VH1 demonstrate how they can be a part of telling the story:

These uses of video are key because they allows the brand owner to control the message before social media can do it, and they allow the brand to explain the meaning and purpose of the new logo which can alleviate some of the fears and concerns of those who were fans of the old logo.

VH1 also used a blog post to explain. Bonus: See one of VH1’s USPTO trademark applications for the new logo here.

Microsoft also has a blog post on its recent logo change.

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