When I am in New York, I frequently find myself in Gregorys Coffee. The brand is quirky and fun. The logo is odd — I assume it is Gregory’s hair and glasses, but I don’t know who Gregory is! The entire brand follow similar themes — the slogan is “SEE COFFEE DIFFERENTLY.”

I love the slogan, and the brand as a whole. Why?

  • The slogan it ties in to the logo (glasses, “see”)
  • The slogan communicates something about the brand — we are different!
  • The slogan (and the brand name) is short and simple
  • The slogan is unique
  • The slogan is memorable
  • The logo is memorable

As a bonus, their frequent customer club is called “Gregulars!” Brilliant.




One small bone to pick: Gregorys could benefit from some additional USPTO trademark registrations, including covering the name for their app, protecting GREGORYS alone (without COFFEE),  and protecting GREGULARS.

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