As previously discussed on this blog, the small images used on mobile devices to indicate which “apps” can be chosen and used are a new front on the trademark frontier. Many brands have designed new logos or modified logos to use in these small spaces.

Apple Inc. has now successfully registered the icons for many of the Apple apps that come loaded on the iPhone. U.S trademark registrations for these Apple images were issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last week:

I have yet to see many other companies filing to register their mobile device icons, but I predict that in 2011 we will see many more trademark applications in this area, as well more disputes about app names and logos.

Is this item, which I saw the store last week, an infringement of some of the Apple icon trademarks (assuming there is not a license or other agreement in place)?

CRAIG device

CRAIG device

Question: Are app makers permitted by Apple to use a competitor’s registered trademark in the description or information for an app in the iTunes app store? If so, is this a form of trademark infringement?

Tip: If mobile apps are a key interaction between your brand and your customers, have you protected your app logo?

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