Interested in the issues facing the use of technology in a law practice? What are the top tech tools of today 2011 for attorneys? Hear me and two other top legal technologists discuss these issues and more in the free webinar from Virtual LegalTech today at 11:15 am EST:

Advanced Technologies Changing the Legal Industry

Yesterday’s toys are becoming mainstays of the legal  profession.  I-pads, tablets and smart phones are the wave of the future and if you aren’t working on them yet, you will be.  Take a look at the new technologies taking hold in the legal industry and discover options to add them to your arsenal.  Reduce the time lost while out of the office by taking your office with you.  Review which technologies are no more than shiny toys and which will increase firm and department efficiency and efficacy.

Mike Adams Mike Adams, Technologist, VooDoo Consulting Erik Pelton Erik Pelton, Founder,Erik M. Pelton & Associates, PLLC Michael D. Aginsky Michael D. Aginsky, Chief Technology Officer, Gibbons P.C.


If you listen to the webinar, let me know what you think! What are your favorite tech tools for practicing law?

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