In a complaint filed last week, Arizona law firm Bateman IP Law Group has sued the scam outfit “United States Trademark Registration Office” alleging unfair competition along with several other causes of action. The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah, Central Division. Bateman IP has also filed to seek a preliminary injunction requestion the Court “enjoin USTRO from use of itsdeceptive and misleading name in its business practice.”

I have written extensively about “United States Trademark Registration Office” which is intentionally – in my opinion – misleading trademark applicants and registrants into believing that they are corresponding with a U.S. government agency. I am receiving calls and emails from clients regarding their scam letters almost every day.

Bateman IP Law Group complaint against United States Trademark Registration Office

Bateman IP Law Group request for injunction against United States Trademark Registration Office

Hats off to Bateman IP for trying to bring them into court. I know I am hoping they succeed, and do so quickly!





Bateman IP Law Group

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