As I have noted often on these pages, almost anything can serve as a trademark. Uniforms, shapes, smells, textures, moving images, and much more. I recently came across an article about creative bar code designs on Mashable (Trivia:  what was the first product to have a UPC code on it? A $0.67 10-pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum purchased at a supermarket in Troy, Ohio.) The article featured some very creative designs that incorporate functional UPC codes.

Of course, this got my trademark brain working. Are there companies with bar codes in their trademark logos? Sure enough, there are! Here are some designs with bar codes in them registered with the USPTO [click images for USPTO records]:

  •   – Wearable garments and clothing, namely, shirts
  • – providing logistics services and supply chain solutions related to the movement of documents, packages and freight, namely selecting, arranging and scheduling various modes of transportation; and the pick-up, storage, transportation and delivery of documents, packages and freight by land and air
  • – Bikinis; Flip flops; Halter tops; Hats; Polo shirts; Sandals; Shirts; Swimwear; T-shirts; Tank tops
  • – DNA analysis services
  • – Wholesale distributorships and retail store services featuring clothing, accessories, namely purses and handbags, sandals, slippers, and imported and exported goods namely clothing, accessories, namely purses and handbags, sandals, slippers, shoes, toys, children’s clothes, children’s novelties, knives, boots, jewelry, art work, photography, bracelets, key chains, dolls, Indi
  • – Insurance consultation

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